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I left the lovely bridal party to dress and change, and went off to photo the ceremony room and personal touches. I also found the groom and photographed the guests arriving. So now the story starts to unfold, as we have the bride almost ready, the groom waiting and the ceremony room looking pretty for the guests.

After this I popped back to Beth for the slightly more formal bride portraits when everyone was ready. 

The traditional ceremony begins, and included a speech or 2, the vows, exchanging of the rings and first kiss....

Into the cocktail hour, then off for the couple photos. This venue has outside steps and balconies, so great for the group shots, and shooting overhead makes a nice change.

The speeches also included the throwing of the brides bouquet, but she didn't throw it! It was all set up, then the bride handed the bouquet to a lucky lady.. and a proposal followed! I was informed this would happen, and Beth & Jon was very happy about it. 

In total they had around 400 finished wedding day photos, and I was hired until the first dance.