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Claire & Mo 

Southdowns Manor, near Petersfield, Hampshire

This is a wedding venue I attend alot, and it is beautiful! Surrounded by South Downs countryside, and the staff here are amazing. They make the day run so smoothly for all couples.  The venue is yours for the day, no one else but you and your wedding guests. 

Claire, like some brides, did not really want any 'getting ready' or 'bridal prep' photos. So I suggested I arrive early and take some shots of the venue, like the ceremony room, and also some of her stunning wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses, and then some of the shoes, jewellery, bouquets etc. These are all the start of the story of your wedding day. 

I then took photos of the guests arriving, the groom arriving and his groomsmen. After that it was back to Claire for her Bridal Portraits. This meant I had photos of both the bride and groom before the ceremony on their wedding day, which I think is a lovely. Dad came in to see her...

Getting close to the wedding ceremony now! Mo, the Groom, was feeling emotional, while Claire was happy and excited!

Every wedding day couple is different, and for Claire & Mo it was the family photos that were the most important. Other people prefer more of the candid shots, so I will always capture what is most important to every couple. Often it is a nice 50/50 split of natural and the formal ones at this point in the day. 

It rained all day on 27th January, but we were all determined that we should have some couple photos outside! The family and close friends were an amazing help to the couple, holding her dress, and the umbrellas. The staff here are great at rainy days, as they clear the furniture from the conservatory for the family and group photos, ensuring they are easily done. Using this room works so well, as guests can still use the lounge / bar area to relax while the photos are done. (Usually, we would be outside, but rain or colder winter weddings are best inside perhaps!)

A wonderful traditional line up, with Claire & Mo, and their families, greeting all the guests as they make their way to the wedding breakfast. And into the speeches...

This really lovely, good looking, and inspiring couple enjoying the first dance and cake cutting, and having fun late into the evening...

With about 50 guests for the day, they had about 400 finished wedding day photos. 

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