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Paul & Sophie married on Brighton beach at the Bandstand,

and afterwards at Mesmerist, on a sunny June day. 

I was hired for natural candid shots, starting at the Band Stand in Brighton. The couple arrived together, and had about 80-90 guests. 

A beautiful ceremony, and I was able to walk all round the edges of the band stand for different views of the couple and guests. Afterwards, the bride and groom spent time with the guests chatting and lots of 'congratulations' all round! (remember, no formal photos for this wedding couple!)

Everyone then headed to the reception venue, which was about a 30 minute walk. (so we were lucky with the weather!) I was hired to take the natural candid photos and walk with everyone along the sea front. But it was a hot sunny day, a Saturday and the large group soon spread out, and tourists mingled in!

The venue was on about 3 floors, so I was able to wander and take natural photos with lots of people, and they formed their own groups, with some fun and posing included. The couple then decided on some photos with the families, which I was pleased about and happy to do. Just before leaving, I suggested a few couple only shots, and they agreed. (all along I was told 'no' to the couple photos!).  They were very happy and pleased with them! 

I was hired for 3 hours, and they had 300 finished photos. 

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