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Shannon & David, Edes House, Chichester 

A wonderful and happy summer wedding in June.  The ceremony was at Edes House, in one of the many fabulous rooms at the Chichester Registry Office. 

The groom arrived, with his best man, followed by about 16 guests, then the arrival of the beautiful bride. We had one bridesmaid about to have a baby and one on crutches! But no one noticed, the most important thing was for the couple to get married with close friends and family. A large party of people arrived for the evening do to join them and celebrate!

We had family and couple photos at Edes House, then went onto the Duke of Cumberland in Henley for some more photos. 

I was hire for about 3 hours and left when they started their meal.  Total photos provided was 300 (incl some duplicates in black and white)

Photo Gallery Shannon & David

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